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Stay ahead of the curve with our trading indicators, tailor-made for the modern trader. Designed to simplify complex market data, our technical indicators provide actionable insights that will help you navigate the markets with more ease and  precision. Unlock your trading potential now!


Unlock hidden opportunities with our advanced trading screeners. Filter through dozens of stocks, cryptocurrencies, or forex pairs to find the perfect trades that match your criteria. Say goodbye to manual analysis and let our intuitive, customizable screeners do the heavy lifting for you!

Trading Journal

Elevate your trading performance with our comprehensive Trading Journal for Notion. Seamlessly track your trades, analyze patterns, and uncover valuable insights to refine your strategy. With detailed analytics, you’ll gain the clarity and confidence to achieve consistent trading success.

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He has now created more than half a dozen custom indicators that I use daily and showcase on YouTube as well. His work is excellent and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a customized indicator to aide in your trading success.
I was exploring to hire the services of a expert coder to code a opening range breakout based on a defined criteria, I connected with him and requested his professional services to code, he was quick to understand the requirement.

I use Fractal's XTL with Zigzags, his EWO and Fibozones, those are the only thing I use to trade. They are excellent indicators for any timeframe, I´ve been using them for a year and they are very flexible, you just need to learn and practice with them!

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