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I use Fractal's XTL with Zigzags, his EWO and Fibozones, those are the only thing I use to trade. They are excellent indicators for any timeframe, I´ve been using them for a year and they are very flexible, you just need to learn and practice with them!

Like many other people I found FractalTrade15 on Trading View. He programs a variety of excellent indicators and I used many in my personal trading. I was so impressed with his work I hired him to create a custom indicator for my YouTube channel, Market Makers. He has now created more than half a dozen custom indicators that I use daily and showcase on YouTube as well. His work is excellent and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a customized indicator to aide in your trading success.


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My experience working with Fractal was amazing. To begin with I was already a fan of his using his popular "Multi Pivot Points indicators" this indicator not only provides option of multiple variety's of Pivot Points but also provides multiple time frames 5 Minutes to 12 Months additionally this indicator provides two selections a) lower TF b) higher TF. I was exploring to hire the services of a expert coder to code a opening range breakout based on a defined criteria, being a regular user of the above "MPP" indicator, I connected with him and requested his professional services to code, he was quick to understand the requirement and when I offered to make the payment he refused and asked me to make the payment only after the sample is ready, which he quickly accomplished and post payment he immediately provided me with the indicator. Last but not the least, on the fees front it's important to mention for the quality of work he does, the fees he charges is a fantastic win win deal, it's competitive and affordable. after few weeks I went back to him again for another indicator again the quality of work, his turnaround speed and the fees was highly compelling. I strongly recommend FractalTrade for any your coding work

Before discovering the Trade Manager Pro indicator from Fractal, I lost a lot of money trading. But since I started using this indicator, I have managed to understand how to calculate position size and manage risk effectively. It has really made a big difference in my trading and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their strategy.





As a Notion user myself, Fractal's Trading Journal was just what I needed to have everything organized in one app. Excellent attention and predisposition to solve any doubts I had. I recommend him 100%.

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